Hyunjin (Jin) Kim successfully defends her PhD dissertation, "Towards Minimally Invasive FRET-based Wearable Systems"! (March 2020)
Dr. Alexander Eden publishes "Discharging behavior of confined bipolar electrodes: Coupled electrokinetic and electrochemical dynamics" in Electrochimica Acta. (January 2020)
New Pennathur Lab website is up and running! (March 2019)
The Pennathur Lab welcomes new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Farnaz Lorestani! (March 2019)
The Pennathur Lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers, Brandon Dutcher, Jack Button, and Max Prichard, to the group! (January 2019)
Dr. Alexander Eden publishes "Modeling Faradaic Reactions and Electrokinetic Phenomena at a Nanochannel-Confined Bipolar Electrode" to Journal of Physical Chemistry C. (January 2019)
Dr. Karen Scida publishes "Fluorescence-Based Observation of Transient Electrochemical and Electrokinetic Effects at Nanoconfined Bipolar Electrodes" in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. (March 2019)
Welcome Alex Downs, Pascal Karam, and Sean MacKenzie as new graduates in the Pennathur lab. (September 2016)