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The Pennathur Laboratory focuses on understanding and exploiting fundamental micro- and nanoscale phenomenon and coupled physics at the solid-liquid interface towards real-world applications in medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and energy. We specialize in the fields of MEMS, electrokinetics, electrochemistry, microfluidics and nanofluidics, utilizing theory, numerical simulations and well-defined experiments to reveal and exploit coupled physics within microdevices. Our projects span a wide range of disciplines which create unique synergies between projects, making it difficult to efficiently categorize our research work, but we try our best below!

Hyunjin (Jin) Kim successfully defends her PhD dissertation, "Towards Minimally Invasive FRET-based Wearable Systems"! (March 2020)
Dr. Alexander Eden publishes "Discharging behavior of confined bipolar electrodes: Coupled electrokinetic and electrochemical dynamics" in Electrochimica Acta. (January 2020)
New Pennathur Lab website is up and running! (March 2019)
The Pennathur Lab welcomes new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Farnaz Lorestani! (March 2019)
The Pennathur Lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers, Brandon Dutcher, Jack Button, and Max Prichard, to the group! (January 2019)