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Dr. Sumita Pennathur

Dr. Pennathur received her B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from M.I.T. (2000 and 2001 respectively), and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University (2006). Prior to joining UCSB in 2007, she performed postdoctoral studies at both Sandia National Laboratories and University of Twente.

Since arriving at UCSB, Pennathur has contributed significantly to the fields of nanofluidics and interfacial science. She has been able to push the envelope in both theoretical and experimental characterization of nanofluidic channels. Furthermore, she has discovered novel nanoscale concentration mechanisms which focus analytes of interest within nanofluidic channels and has demonstrated unique quantitative separations of various biomolecules. Finally, she has developed a novel fabrication process for on-chip detection of biomolecules, which has the potential to revolutionize bio-analytical devices, eliminating the need for laborious optical tagging of samples.

These major contributions have been disseminated in the form of over 60 archived journal publications, books or conference papers, 3 patent applications, and over 50 invited presentations. Notable awards include the DARPA young faculty award (2008), the UC Regents Junior Faculty Fellowship (2009), and the PECASE (presidential early career award in science and engineering) award (2010), and the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce Innovator of the Quarter Award (2012)

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Current Students and Researchers

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Austin Abrams

PhD Graduate Student, Ch

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Kuang-Hua Chou

PhD Graduate Student, ME

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Dr. Alex Eden

Postdoctoral researcher

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Dr. David Huber

Technical Advisor

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Dr. Farnaz Lorestni

Postdoctoral researcher

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Sean MacKenzie

PhD Graduate Student, ME

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Silvan Stettler

Master's student

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Dr. Bing Wang

Postdoctoral researcher, Chemistry

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Lingyun (Patrick) Zhou

Postdoctoral researcher

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Kevin Braza

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Kyle Chen

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Vicente Lopez

Undergraduate student researcher

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Dean Passanisi

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Mr. David Boy (co-advised), Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2008-2012

Dr. Jackson Travis Del Bonis-O'Donnell, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2010-2016

Mr. Jared Frey, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2009-2011

Mrs. Cherry Gupta, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2007-2009

Mrs. Sharice Handa, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2010-2012

Dr. Hyunjin Kim, PhD, ME (2016 - 2020)

Dr. Tyler Ray, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2010-2015

Mr. Alex Russell, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2011-2013

Mr. Jess Sustarich, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2009-2011

Ms. Neeraja Venkateshwaran, BMSE Gradaute Student, 2011-2014

Dr. Tom Wynne, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, 2009-2014


Dr. Pete Crisalli, 2013-2014

Dr. Logan Garner, Chemistry, 2013

Dr. Trent Huang, Associate Specialist V, 2008-2010

Dr. Kjeld Janssen, 2014-2016

Dr. Karen Scida, Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemistry

Visiting Scholars

Mr. Mathias Andersen, Visiting Graduate Student, DTU/Stanford, 2007-2010

Mr. Francesco Bonnotto, Visiting Undergraduate/MS Student, U. of Padova, Italy, 2010

Mr. Alex Dixon, Visiting Graduate Student, EPFL, 2010-2011

Mr. Til Driehorst, Visiting Undergraduate/MS student, Germany, 2008-2009

Mr. Kristian Lund Jensen, Visiting Undergraduate Student, DTU, January-June 2010

Mr. Jesper Kristensen, Visiting Undergraduate Student, DTU, January-June 2010

Mr. Alessio Lenzi, Visiting Graduate Student, University of Pisa, Italy, 2010

Dr. Neophytos Loucaides, University of Cypress, Summary 2011

Mrs. Ling Ling Shui, Visiting Doctoral Student, U. Twente, 2008

Prof. Brian Storey, Visiting Professor, Olin College, Summer 2010

Dr. Egbert van der Wouden, Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher, U. Twente, 2008

Mr. Francesco Viola, Visiting Graduate Student, University of Pisa, Italy, 2010


Kaela Acuff, Chemistry Undergraduate, 3nd year

Ms. Robert Albertazzi, Undergraduate Student, 2012-2014

Meron Asnake, Chemistry Undergraduate, 2014-2015

Mr. Krisna Bhagrava, Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student, 2008-2009

Ms. Rachel Boy, High School Summer Intern, 2008

Jack Button, Undergraduate student researcher, 2018-2019

Mr. Stephen Chen, Undergraduate Student, 2011-2012

Alex Chen, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate, 3rd year

Mr. Andrew Crumrine, Undergraduate Student, 2010-2011

Tim de Visser, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

Brandon Dutcher, Undergraduate student researcher

Mr. Ben Eovino, Undergraduate Student, 2011-2013

Ms. Kristi Estes, Chemistry Undergraduate Student, 2014-2015

Mr. John Herr, Undergraduate Student, 2011-2013

Mr. David Herrick, Undergraduate Student, 2008-2010

Mr. Daniel Kim, Undergraduate Student, 2009-2010

Mr. Veselin Kolev, Undergraduate Student, 2009-2010

Ms. Bethany Lettiere, Undergraduate Student, 2012-2014

Mr. Josh Loessberg-Zahl, Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015

Mr. Justin Massey, Undergraduate Student, 2008-2009

Mr. Coleman Murray, Undergraduate Student, 2009

Mr. Marco Palombo, Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015

Mr. Nolan Pasko, Undergraduate Student, 2009-2010

Max Prichard, Undergraduate student researcher

Mr. Alex Russell, Undergraduate Student, 2009-2011

Yesil Satik, Undergraduate student researcher

Mr. Deep Shah, Undergraduate Student, 2010-2012

Mr. Sam Sherman, Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015

Mr. Josh Silverman, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student, 2007-2008

Mr. Tylar Simone, Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015

Mr. Matt Sloan, Undergraduate Student, 2012

Mr. Renhao Tao, Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015

Ms. Sandy Tsoi, Undergraduate Student, 2007-2008

Mr. Paul Weitkamp, Undergraduate Student, 2009

Mr. Timothy Wolfcale, Undergraduate Student, 2008

Rena Yang, Undergraduate student researcher